Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Spring...Where I Live

By Maxcyne Mott Yorwosky

Greetings from Ogden, Utah:

There are two seasons here in the valley-Winter and Summer.  Along about the end of April, Winter gives one last gasp with a final snowstorm, and Summer announces it's arrival with a week of temperatures in the seventies and eighties. We don't know whether to cheer or moan, for we know we will very soon be withering under the scorching skies of our desert sun.

But the end of June is always a time of celebration.  The last Friday of the month, each year, it is as if someone waves a magic wand over our fair city, and the next morning we are greeted by the sight of beautiful horses adorning the corners of all the streets .  Each is different, painted in different colors and designs.

They are here to herald the opening of Saturday's market day.

The townspeople are like woodland creatures emerging from their winter burrows. 
People gather on the blocked off streets of downtown Ogden,  strolling among stands displaying fresh produce that the farmers have brought,  crafts that artisans have spent making during the cold winter months, all sorts of handmade articles of clothing, fresh baked goods, and most importantly, greeting friends and neighbors that have come to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

You can even enjoy a hot bath on the sidewalk of Main Street, as this young cowpoke demonstrates.

 The pretty horses will remain through out the summer until October brings us frost.  Then they will disappear as silently and magically as they had arrived. We will know  then that it is time to " batten down the hatches ' for a long winter to come.



...are driving me crazy!

The truth of this "computer minefield" we're playing in is......the age old "Young......getting back at the adults.....for making them study, not stay out all night partying, and generally limiting their  "fun."

The young whippersnappers are finally getting back at us wise old foggies.  Of course, the main reason we seasoned citizens are not as sharp as we once were is because those same whippersnappers just about drove us nuts raising the ingrates!

Hell, I started this website, about 10 years ago....the same "young geniuses" were still sucking their thumbs then. Now, that they are in a position of a little bit of power....they are getting their kicks from making us numerically a digital version of the "Hokey Pokey."

All I have to say to those "wise guys", "Enjoy it while you can!".....because "payback" is just a matter of time."

Wait til you get to Heaven........and see who has seniority up there!

Hint:  It ain't going to be you!


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Agnes Anne Caudell

Joe Elliott reports that:

Agnes Anne Caudell, class of ’54 passed away March 1, 2017 in Sylva NC as reported in the Sylva Herald. At  the  time of death was Agnes Anne Hill.

Class of 1952

Like us, the Class of 1952 has done a pretty good job of staying together! They had a big bash this past week and Warren Sparrow and Mary Schulken somehow negotiated an invitation (Crashed.)
It was a grand party, and if my memory  serves me correctly...that was the class that John Otts called the most outstanding class in all his career. (Although I may be wrong...he may have said that about the Class of 1953. But either way, he must have been smoking something, because everyone knows that the Class of 1954 was the best!

Nevertheless Warren reports that he and Mary Sandra had a great time at the Class of '52's get together!  Warren said Jenny Margaret and husband Bill were also in attendance, since that was Forehand's graduation class.

Which reminded me of the fact that those sneaky upperclassmen were constantly stealing our class' girls!

I don't forget things like that.  That's why I refused to attend their party.  That, and the fact that I wasn't invited. 

Class of 195

The hosts of the event were Hobby Cobb (52) and his wife, Jane Thornhill Cobb.

-Warren Sparrow and Mary Sandra Schulken

Looking Back...

...the fact that my chosen career field, radio and TV, was such an ego driven business...and insecure...that one would have to be completely "off your rocker" to choose that as your lifetime work. my about 8 years old when you made that decision.

Which was my case... No, ...make that  6 years old.

Thank you, Little Eddie nincompoop!

Oh, well.  Whatever

Or was.

Now, that would have been a good decision....for someone like Arthur Godfrey, or even Grady Cole.

But I was neither,  I was just Ed Myers.

Nevertheless, I did pretty good....rising to a couple of "Big Time" radio and TV stations in the nation's capitol, Washington, DC.  I even hosted  a radio show heard all over the world for about 7 years...for the United States Air Force...called Serenade In Blue.......which was the theme song of the bandleader who founded the show.....Glenn Miller.  I also hosted a morning TV show in Washington for a few years, which featured just about every celebrity  you ever heard of.

But all that happened in about a 10 year period of time.

Then "poof" was over.

It wasn't like working at a bank for 40 years....and retiring with a gold watch.

Nope.  I got paid pretty good ....and enjoyed a little bit of  local fame....rode high for a few years...and ......then it was gone.

So, for the past almost 50 years I've just been.....the guy at the end of the cul de sac in Falls Church, VA.  Which is fine with me.  Frankly, I got tired of people saying...."Hey, aren't you the guy on TV?"
Many of my fellow broadcasters, mis-inturbreted that to mean ""I like watching you on TV."

No, it probably means simply...."I'm proud of myself because I recognized you from TV. But frankly, I can't stand watching your show."

Up until about 2 years ago, before I retired, I worked out of my home studio doing radio interviews for a major PR company in New York....doing interviews and getting sound bites from just about every top celebrity in the country. I became "phone buddies" with a number of them,,,,for example I read that one of them, Jeff Bezos (originally of Amazon) has become one of the richest men on earth.
He once told me, during the pre-interview banter....that, and I'm quoting now......."Lee, you have made me what I am today...."  I interviewed him and wrote the story the day "Amazon" finally turned a profit....One Dollar!   But I certainly had almost nohing to do with making him rich!

All this "excitement" is over now....Thanks to modern technology, I was able to work til I was almost 80 years old.   the last 50 or so....from HOME!

If they develop a "time machine" before I shuffle off this  mortal coil, I'm gong to go back and thank 8 year old little Eddie Myers....and let him know that he wasn't as dumb as he looked, because, all in all....things worked out pretty good!


Friday, June 23, 2017


Like the TIMEX watch, she keeps on ticking!

I'm in awe of those classmates of ours, like Elouise, Obie, Charlie, Jerry, etc....who just refuse to slow down.  Makes me feel a little guilty I prepare for my afternoon nap. Her performances are all up here in the Washington DC area, but if you are anywhere sure to arrange to attend one of her shows.  You'll be glad you did!

The nurses cared for sick and wounded soldiers, endured the historically ferocious winter weather of 1917 and 1918 and left a legacy that makes us  proud. Schoettler, inspired by their letters, wrote Ready to Serve, as a one-woman show.  She performs the monologue as an 80 year old veteran nurse looking back at the war fifty years after the Armistice. The nurse - veteran tells their story because "no one ever asked me what we did in France."

After seeing the show recently some one sent a note to Schoettler  -  " I felt like I was having a chat with a World War I nurse. We were transported to a different place in time thanks to your beautiful storytelling."  For more about Ready to Serve and what audiences say:

7 Performances
Thu.      July   6,   5:30 PM 
Sat.       July   8,   1:00 PM

Sun.      July   9,   4:30 PM
Sat.       July  15,   1:00 PM
Tue.      July  18,   5:30 PM
Thu.     July 20,    7:30 PM
Sat.      July 22,    4:45 PM

Gallaudet University -
Eastman StudioTheater
800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC  20002


Thursday, June 22, 2017


Short, but true. Events that happened....but were fleeting, and really don't lend themselves to a that has a beginning and a middle and an end. Stuff that just happened.....and have parked themselves somewhere in the back of my brain.  But, moments I've never forgotten.

For example, the black fellow my Mom had hired to do yard work that summer day.  I was practicing my violin and was having some difficulty with an exercise that was obviously written for a student more advanced than I was.....when the  yard man stopped what he was doing and spoke to me through the open window ...and said, "You're playing that  wrong.  Instead of  staying in the "first position"'s meant to be played in the "Third position."  Also, he said, "the fifth bar is all staccato and should be bowed in short strokes."

And he continued cutting our lawn.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Black Hole

Actually, it wasn't black.....but it definitely was a hole.

You see, I learned early in life (and I'm talking now about either the 5th or 6th grade at Elizabeth school) that the secret of being to have smart friends.

My problem at the moment was....How to change the "D" on my report card, before my Mom could see it.  It was written in INK, and I had no idea how to erase ink.

My friend came up with the solution.

"Simple," he said. Clorox will erase ink.

Sure worked like a charm. Instantly, the "D" was gone....and I replaced it with a "respectable C."

Damm, it's nice to have smart friends!

Mom congratulated me...kinda...and signed the card.

I was pleased that I had gotten away with the "perfect crime,"   The only thing left to do was change the "C" back to a "D" before I turned the card back in.

Back came the Clorox bottle ....another drop or two...and .....and....Good Grief!  A hole was starting to form on the card!  There was barely enough left for me to write my true grade back in .

That card was a pretty ugly sight by he time the time I was finished with it.

Lordy, Lordy......I had to turn  the thing back in....but the hole seemed to be getting bigger and bigger every time  I looked at it.  Maybe the teacher won't notice.  Maybe she'll be so busy, she won't ever look it it. Or maybe Russia will send an Atomic Bomb over and I won' have to worry about it.....

But, again, my Guardian  Angel  (or maybe it was my Guardian Devil) was with me and thanks to a busy and overworked teacher,   I skated.


Now I know why....

They are called GRAND kids....

Take, for example, one of Bob Ellis':

"My grandson, David Lee Hines, took his 7th grade EOG testing and was one of only 2 students to have a perfect score on Social Studies.   He also scored 98 on Reading and 97 on Math.   The math part surprised me, because that is his best subject.   Putting all that aside, he is a great kid.   David is a rising 8th grader at Piedmont Middle School in Union County , North Carolina."

Congratulations Bob!  Enjoy your little scholar while you can...because I predict that he will soon discover something much more interesting and distracting than good grades: GIRLS!

Let's have a big round of applause....for MOTHER NATURE!


Saturday, June 10, 2017

June Reid's Husband Passes

By Jerry Gaudet

Sympathy to June Reid Helsabeck in the passing of her husband, Mack, on April 28, 2017 from cancer.

Condolances may be sent to:
Mrs. June Helsabeck
1701 Redcoat Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28211

Thursday, June 08, 2017

LDL This coming Tuesday!

By Jerry Gaudet

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

This Just In....

Chance Poor has been signed as the University of Kentucky's new field goal kicker.

The University of Pittsburgh had also tried to recruit him.... to replace their kicker, Chris Blewitt.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Time Machine

There's no such thing, you say?


We all have one.  It's in our heads!  And mine was working overtime last night.  It was stuck around oh, 1940 or so, and those two old spinster sisters were parked outside our house selling vegetables they had grown in their garden.

My sister "Kak"  (I had given her that name because I couldn't pronounce the name Kathryn) and I were waiting for the black man who drove up East 5th Street in his horse drawn wagon every come up the street so we could give him back his wallet...which had fallen out of his pocket the morning before.

I was sticking pretty close to my older sister because as you may recall, Burt, the little kid across the street had said he was going to kill me.  (he never did, BTW)

About that time, my new friend, Jimmy Weller came riding around the corner on his tricycle, and invited me to his house to join him in his latest project...digging a hole in his back yard.

I did.

And you thought that just because there was no TV nor electronic video games back then, that growing up back then was boring....



Sunday, June 04, 2017

Briar Creek

Image result for the month of june

No school today!

No school for 3 monhs!

Few things ever made little Eddie Myers any happier than that!  In fact, I think I felt a small aftershock of that glorious past emotion this morning!  My open window welcomed in the wonderfully mild fresh air and the sounds of birds chirping...snd for a moment I contemplated gathering a few friends together  like Jimmy Weller, Pat Parker and Charles Mateer  and spend the day down at the Fireman's Hall putting pennies on the railroad tracks, throwing rocks in Briar Creek and talking about girls.

We even tried to fish in that creek once, even though I don't think any fish ever dared to come close to getting into that polluted stream. Occasionally a cop would stop by and ask us what we were doing, and Jimmy (our spokesman for such things) would make up some "reason" we were there.....and that usually did the trick.

But, alas, I soon became fully awake...and "poof"....back to being 80 and a half years old!

Those hazy, lazy days of youth are nice to think about, but.....time passes....things change....
for example, today I've got to.........and let me get out my list....I've got to..........uummm....

I think I'm going to find me a creek to throw some rocks in.


Friday, June 02, 2017

Try This...

Next Time You are at the DMV...

Insist that your religion requires you to wear a colander on your head.

That's what an Arizona man did....and got away with it!