Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Black Hole

Actually, it wasn't black.....but it definitely was a hole.

You see, I learned early in life (and I'm talking now about either the 5th or 6th grade at Elizabeth school) that the secret of being smart...is to have smart friends.

My problem at the moment was....How to change the "D" on my report card, before my Mom could see it.  It was written in INK, and I had no idea how to erase ink.

My friend came up with the solution.

"Simple," he said. Clorox will erase ink.

Sure enough...it worked like a charm. Instantly, the "D" was gone....and I replaced it with a "respectable C."

Damm, it's nice to have smart friends!

Mom congratulated me...kinda...and signed the card.

I was pleased that I had gotten away with the "perfect crime,"   The only thing left to do was change the "C" back to a "D" before I turned the card back in.

Back came the Clorox bottle ....another drop or two...and .....and....Good Grief!  A hole was starting to form on the card!  There was barely enough left for me to write my true grade back in .

That card was a pretty ugly sight by he time the time I was finished with it.

Lordy, Lordy......I had to turn  the thing back in....but the hole seemed to be getting bigger and bigger every time  I looked at it.  Maybe the teacher won't notice.  Maybe she'll be so busy, she won't ever look it it. Or maybe Russia will send an Atomic Bomb over and I won' have to worry about it.....

But, again, my Guardian  Angel  (or maybe it was my Guardian Devil) was with me and thanks to a busy and overworked teacher,   I skated.