Sunday, June 04, 2017

Briar Creek

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No school today!

No school for 3 monhs!

Few things ever made little Eddie Myers any happier than that!  In fact, I think I felt a small aftershock of that glorious past emotion this morning!  My open window welcomed in the wonderfully mild fresh air and the sounds of birds chirping...snd for a moment I contemplated gathering a few friends together  like Jimmy Weller, Pat Parker and Charles Mateer  and spend the day down at the Fireman's Hall putting pennies on the railroad tracks, throwing rocks in Briar Creek and talking about girls.

We even tried to fish in that creek once, even though I don't think any fish ever dared to come close to getting into that polluted stream. Occasionally a cop would stop by and ask us what we were doing, and Jimmy (our spokesman for such things) would make up some "reason" we were there.....and that usually did the trick.

But, alas, I soon became fully awake...and "poof"....back to being 80 and a half years old!

Those hazy, lazy days of youth are nice to think about, but.....time passes....things change....
for example, today I've got to.........and let me get out my list....I've got to..........uummm....

I think I'm going to find me a creek to throw some rocks in.