Sunday, June 25, 2017

Class of 1952

Like us, the Class of 1952 has done a pretty good job of staying together! They had a big bash this past week and Warren Sparrow and Mary Schulken somehow negotiated an invitation (Crashed.)
It was a grand party, and if my memory  serves me correctly...that was the class that John Otts called the most outstanding class in all his career. (Although I may be wrong...he may have said that about the Class of 1953. But either way, he must have been smoking something, because everyone knows that the Class of 1954 was the best!

Nevertheless Warren reports that he and Mary Sandra had a great time at the Class of '52's get together!  Warren said Jenny Margaret and husband Bill were also in attendance, since that was Forehand's graduation class.

Which reminded me of the fact that those sneaky upperclassmen were constantly stealing our class' girls!

I don't forget things like that.  That's why I refused to attend their party.  That, and the fact that I wasn't invited. 

Class of 195

The hosts of the event were Hobby Cobb (52) and his wife, Jane Thornhill Cobb.

-Warren Sparrow and Mary Sandra Schulken