Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Spring...Where I Live

By Maxcyne Mott Yorwosky

Greetings from Ogden, Utah:

There are two seasons here in the valley-Winter and Summer.  Along about the end of April, Winter gives one last gasp with a final snowstorm, and Summer announces it's arrival with a week of temperatures in the seventies and eighties. We don't know whether to cheer or moan, for we know we will very soon be withering under the scorching skies of our desert sun.

But the end of June is always a time of celebration.  The last Friday of the month, each year, it is as if someone waves a magic wand over our fair city, and the next morning we are greeted by the sight of beautiful horses adorning the corners of all the streets .  Each is different, painted in different colors and designs.

They are here to herald the opening of Saturday's market day.

The townspeople are like woodland creatures emerging from their winter burrows. 
People gather on the blocked off streets of downtown Ogden,  strolling among stands displaying fresh produce that the farmers have brought,  crafts that artisans have spent making during the cold winter months, all sorts of handmade articles of clothing, fresh baked goods, and most importantly, greeting friends and neighbors that have come to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

You can even enjoy a hot bath on the sidewalk of Main Street, as this young cowpoke demonstrates.

 The pretty horses will remain through out the summer until October brings us frost.  Then they will disappear as silently and magically as they had arrived. We will know  then that it is time to " batten down the hatches ' for a long winter to come.