Wednesday, June 28, 2017


...are driving me crazy!

The truth of this "computer minefield" we're playing in is......the age old "Young......getting back at the adults.....for making them study, not stay out all night partying, and generally limiting their  "fun."

The young whippersnappers are finally getting back at us wise old foggies.  Of course, the main reason we seasoned citizens are not as sharp as we once were is because those same whippersnappers just about drove us nuts raising the ingrates!

Hell, I started this website, about 10 years ago....the same "young geniuses" were still sucking their thumbs then. Now, that they are in a position of a little bit of power....they are getting their kicks from making us numerically a digital version of the "Hokey Pokey."

All I have to say to those "wise guys", "Enjoy it while you can!".....because "payback" is just a matter of time."

Wait til you get to Heaven........and see who has seniority up there!

Hint:  It ain't going to be you!