Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Time Machine

There's no such thing, you say?


We all have one.  It's in our heads!  And mine was working overtime last night.  It was stuck around oh, 1940 or so, and those two old spinster sisters were parked outside our house selling vegetables they had grown in their garden.

My sister "Kak"  (I had given her that name because I couldn't pronounce the name Kathryn) and I were waiting for the black man who drove up East 5th Street in his horse drawn wagon every morning...to come up the street so we could give him back his wallet...which had fallen out of his pocket the morning before.

I was sticking pretty close to my older sister because as you may recall, Burt, the little kid across the street had said he was going to kill me.  (he never did, BTW)

About that time, my new friend, Jimmy Weller came riding around the corner on his tricycle, and invited me to his house to join him in his latest project...digging a hole in his back yard.

I did.

And you thought that just because there was no TV nor electronic video games back then, that growing up back then was boring....