Saturday, July 01, 2017

:"Act Your Age"

That's the advice the adults used to give us when we young whippersnappers were being roudy and unruly.

That's the advice I'm tempted to give out to some of our chronologically gifted classmates.
Some of them simply refuse to acknowledge that people who live as long as we have are OLD....and Dammit, ought to act like it!

Bodie Island Lighthouse
Otherwise they'll make the rest of us sitting around in rocking chairs jealous!

Take, for example, Don Nance.

Last week, he and Letty traveled to the outter banks and saw "The Lost Colony."
Then visiting  places like Ocracoke and Hatteras then to where that big lighthouse Buxton, I believe....and climbed the lighthouse there!  As if that weren't enough, he traveled on to Bodie Island and climbed the lighthouse there!

No question that the 82 year old Nance is in good physical shape.
The only question this old couch potato about his sanity!

OK,OK...I admit it; I'm just jealous!


PS...With my eyesight getting dimmer and dimmer, I can't read the sign on Don's back.  But I think it says, "Stop me, before I climb again."