Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Bevely Harkey Kearns UpDate

By Jerry Gaudet

Beverly and Maurice continue a long battle following Bee's stroke.  We have this update from Maurice.

 ..."we are in Florida and on 12 July we will go to our Daughters in SC, then on Friday (14th) we will move back to our home outside of Helen, GA.  The house has been empty for 2 years, I just returned after spending 5 days there cleaning.  How long we will be back Home is unknown, Beverly wanted to go Home so that is happening.  Beverly at this point is about as good as she will be, but we Pray every day for progress which is very slow now.  She requires 24/7 assistance.  We appreciate the Prayers for Beverly's condition.  We Pray for all her Classmates,