Saturday, July 01, 2017

"BO...B.O. BO"

It was either Miss Terry, the second grade teacher at Elizabeth School, or Miss Carr, our third grade was the first day of school and she had each student stand and introduce him or herself to the class.

"Ed Myers,"I said, "Charles Mateer," "Wilson Snell," "Betty Pressley," "Charles Stone," "Bo Madden"....

""No," she said, "That's your nickname. I don't want any nicknames....only your Real First and Last names. Now you may continue."

"Bo Madden," he said.

"No, No" she replied.  "Bo is your nickname.  Bo is short for your real name....BO is your  nickname.....I want your real name."

Frustrated he replied, "BO B.O. BO!"  and sat down.

She had unwittingly given him a new  nick name which we called him thereafter,