Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hurry Up......and Stop!

That's the way many of our fellow drivers approach a red light; and that's going to be the title of my next book.

Well, that may be a little misleading since I've never written a book. Except in my mind.

But, if I had, my next one would be directed toward drivers.....Those brain dead bozos. The majority of whom are young whippersnappers....who, unlike those of us who grew up riding bicycles, instead of playing video games on a computer.... learned basic physics first hand!

Like, when it's raining, the road is slick.  You can't stop on a dime.  I still have an ugly scar on my knee to remind me of that lesson. 

You have to really be dumb to follow the car in front of you with about 4 feet or less,separating the two of you.  How do you know he's not going to slow down or stop unexpectedly?  Are you a psyhic or something ?

You really think he'll never have to stop suddenly....and if he does....that you will be able to react quickly enough to avoid ramming into his rear end?

But of course, perhaps you're lonely, and miss the give and take of human contact....well, keep on tailgating....I guarantee you'll soon have a lot of human contact...mostly lawyers.

Also, I recommend being a little paranoid.   A number a years ago, a terrorist walked down Route 123 not far from my house in Virginia...murdering the drivers lined up to turn into the CIA headquarters.  The cars were bumper to bumper...leaving them no room to escape,
Ever since that episode, I make sure I don't "pin myself in" and leave enough room in front to allow me to get the Hell out of there if I have to.

In fact, people a lot smarter than me have advised drivers for years to constantly look for possible  ways to escape" as
you drive along...just in case the unexpected happens.

And it will.