Monday, July 10, 2017

The Real SECRET to Sucess is...


Take my own profession for example, Radio and TV.

Successful announcers and personalities come and go with the whim of the fickle public and Broadcast executives.  These same executives never "fire" their own.  They retire with Gold Watches.

Meanwhile, washed up old "announcers" wind up sleeping on city grates...preferably with lots of steam coming up in the winter time.

And just how did these management executives get into such positions of power?

In many cases....they entered the business as announcers and performers........but FAILED".. ...they simply weren't good enough at those jobs to last, but were well liked by management hence they  often accepted a less glamorous position at the station...rather than being "let go."

(I can hear the executives talking now..."What the Hell are we going to do with "old so and so?"  He's terrible on the air!...Our ratings at that time period have dropped to almost nothing....He's a nice guy, but he's killing us.  I have a great idea...let's promote him to management....and we'll get him off the air that way...without hurting his feelings..or having any lasting bitterness."

This is likely  the way in works in many businesses.

Now, I'm not advocating that ambitious young workers should NOT do their best at those entry level jobs....but I am advising them not to stay in those jobs too long.

How long?

If I knew that....I'd be relaxing on the beach in the Bahamas right now instead of sitting in my basement writing on my high school website!


(Just kidding. No matter how wealthy I may or may not have become, ...I am living life and doing exactly what makes me extremely happy and content! )