Friday, July 07, 2017

Whatever Happened to...

...Amelia Earhart?

People have been asking that question since 1937, when she and her navigator, Fred Noonan disappeared during their attempted "around the world" flight.

Amelia Earhart
Innumerable theories have been constructed as to what happened to them, the most common one was, "they simply ran out of fuel and crashed into the sea."  Another, more fanciful one was they they landed on an island and were captured by the Japanese who executed them as "spies."

I heard where one of the TV networks is promoting a show that features their theory of what happened.

Personally, I believe that a very professional organization known as TIGHAR has come closer than anyone to solving that mystery.  I interviewed TIGHAR'S archiologist, a few years ago, who made a very compelling case.

It's 29 minutes.....and you can watch it here.

Tom King (Pt 3)"Search For Amelia" - Out of the Past - 2012 from Chuck Langdon on Vimeo.