Monday, August 28, 2017

Don't Mean to Brag...

...but I will anyway.

This is my report on "What's it's like to have brunch with a world - wide celebrity!"

Bottom Line:

"Just like 'breaking bread" with a memorable old friend you once knew in Junior High School

...on Steroids.

That is, if her name is Jan Karon! of the best selling "Mitford" series.

I sat next to her in Coach Edelmans' history class, I believe it was,  and once, during  a "pop quiz" I glanced over (shame on me) to see what she had written.....and....lo and behold....she was drawing pictures!

Being just an "average, run of the mill, kid..."  I tried like "follow the program," and impress the Coach.....but NO.....the best I could do was a "C."

I don't know what Jan's grade was like in that class, but the Coach treated her like she was the smartest student he had ever had, and undoubtedly  she  was.

(Her   drawiings were very good,  by the way.)

The coach was a very smart man...and he knew the difference between a "dumb" kid...and one exceptionally bright....who was bored by it all!

That was Jan.

My last communications with the Coach were about my visit to Jan's mansion outside of Charlottesville...and we fantasized about his flying up from Florida for a visit with us both.

I knew he was in no shape for that to ever happen, but I believe it made him happy to ....think about it.