Friday, August 25, 2017

Idle Hands

My friend Leo once said, "What this country a good war!"

I don't believe he really meant an actual "WAR"....with all the accompanying death and destruction.  I'm sure he was talking about some kind of peaceful event that would capture the imagination of the American public WW2 did.  But without the violence.

I agree, but neither Leo nor I have any idea what that event might be.

Maybe, for us mere Earthlings,  it doesn't exist.

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Silent Sam

By the time this "posting" appears, the little snowflake fascists will probably have taken down my favorite statue....Silent Sam.....the monument honoring a confederate soldier that stands proudly on the UNC campus lawn just off main Street in Chapel Hill.

What makes Sam so unique is the fact that he's a "working statue."

That's right.  He has a job!

As any boy who's ever spent time there knows....Sam's duty is to fire off his rifle....whenever a virgin walks by.

As I understand it, so far, no Carolina Co-ed has ever been so honored by Sam.

However, they say that one time Sam did fire off his rifle.... when one of the professors walked by.

Unfortunately, the "Monkey See...Monkey Do"  nattering Nabobs (thank you Spiro Agnew) are going to continue to "tear down" statues and do as much damage to our history.....until enough of the rational and productive American adults take time out from their busy lives.....and demand that they stop it.....and send them back to their parents basements!