Thursday, November 30, 2017

Beautiful Music Together

Anyway, that's what Mary Sue Banks and I thought.

And, in fact, from our years at Piedmont on through Central....our orchestras never got less than a Number One rating from the State Music Judges!

We had some very talented kids in those orchestras!  I doubt that any of us continued with our music after high school, but as my friend Julian Barber used to say...."I may be a "has been"....but look where I has been!"

Mary Sue and I sat next to each other in the first violin section of those orchestras for 6 years....and literally could read each other's musical minds.

Our senior the final orchestra competition and "official rating" of all the State high school orchestras and bands (a really big deal) that we had practiced the whole year for....I was convinced that I had BLOWN it !

All those days of practice....and rehearsal....

Me....the concertmaster....the so called leader.....had blown it!

I obviously let the pressure and excitement get to me...and when Jack Stern, our director...moved his hand...adjusting his glasses or something....I mistakenly though he had given us the "downbeat" and  I began to play....half the orchestra followed me...and also began.

All those months of practice.....sweat and tears....

Mr. Stern directed us to stop immediately.......

But there I was...guilty as Hell.  In front of all those State Judges.

After all that practice....(our entire year was pointed toward performing well for that State competition,  and I had just caused us to look like the SPIKE JONES band!

I looked over at Mary Sue, expecting her to have fire in her eyes...directed toward me for my stupid mistake....But, she just smiled.....

What a relief her smile was to me.

Maybe my goof didn't really spoil our chances at a good rating after all!.

And she was right. The judges interpreted my mistake as an indication that I must be a strong  "leader".....since the rest of the orchestra began to play...after I falsely started.

We got an A plus rating.

That was many years ago, but I guess it's never too late to thank Mary Sue and those excellent student musicians in the CHS orchestra who once protected me from looking like a complete jerk..


(Jerry Gaudet informs me that Mary Sue is currently very ill.  I'll let you know if I hear anything more.   -Ed)