Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas 1947

By  Betsy Villas White

When I was ten years old, it snowed on Christmas Eve.
Not a lot of snow, but enough to coat the North
Carolina ground with an unexpected white blanket. It
was the only year we put our Christmas tree in front of
the bay window in the dining room. Whenever I hear
Gene Autry sing “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, I
can close my eyes and transport myself back 67 years to
the floor in front of that tree with the bubble lights
above my head and the lighted cardboard village spread
out in front of me. I am warmed by the coal furnace,
clean flannel pajamas and my fuzzy slippers. That
memory contains all the peace and magic and sense of
excitement that a ten year old little girl can feel on
Christmas Eve.

There have been many Christmas Eves for me since
then. Like all of us, some have been hard, some have
lacked the Christmas Spirit, and many have been
magical. This year I am feeling an overwhelming sense
of gratitude for the people who have been a part of my
life - those to whom I am connected by memories, by
love and by good fortune. My world is filled with those
who have gone before me and by those who travel with
me now and by those who will journey on after me.

Maybe I can’t conjure up all the peace and magic and
sense of excitement of that ten year old little girl at
Christmas, but I can certainly think of you all with joy
and thanksgiving and that’s what I’ll be doing this
Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas!