Monday, February 26, 2018

Hanging Up Her Skis

      By Obie Oakley      

Lindsey Vonn, medalist in three Olympics, has acknowledged that this was her last run down the hills as a participant on TEAM USA.  She will be missed.
            In other news from the slopes, Maxcyne Motte (Yawarsky) , member of Central High School Class of 1954 has also announced her retirement.  At the end of this season, she will no longer purchase her annual pass to ski  the slopes around her home town of Ogden, Utah!

            Maxcyne has skied every season for forty-eight years!  Wow, what an accomplishment. 
            She watched the Winter Olympics with great interest since she was a volunteer at the 1992 Games in Salt Lake City and knows what goes on “behind the scenes”.

            Called Mad Max by her kids, she is to be
congratulated for this achievement of longevity and staying healthy.  Must be pretty darn good.  Way to go Max!
            We're proud of you.