Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Night Thoughts

Here it is Sunday night.

That's when we began to get back into our "school tomorrow" mode.  When the voice on the radio announced "....and now Drew Pearson's PREDICTIONS OF THINGS TO COME........."
bedtime...and another week of school was imminent.

Damm it!

Although school, Elizabeth, Piedmont, and Central, were all exceedingly good to me (Thank you fellow students) Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings were  usually distasteful. By about 10  am each body had adjusted itself to the fact that it was destined to dance at least one more day on this mortal coil.

Because of work schedules, Sunday Dinners were the only time my family and I sat down and dined together.  I ate all my other meals at restaurants. George's Grill, across from Mercy Hospital, was my favorite. They didn't advertise the fact of course, but anyone could dine there.....even if you were destitute and had no money to pay.  I saw it happen many times.

I ate several meals at a boarding house on Hawthorne Lane...down a little ways from Saint John's Baptist Church, but on the other side of the street.  The food was great.  You had to be there at exactly 6 o'clock when they began serving. Everyone was seated at a long table...and ate "family style."  A lot of teachers, several of whom taught at Piedmont and Central ate there; in fact they lived there.

I only ate there a few times, because I felt that being a "student," I was inhibiting their conversations, and....well, I just didn't fit in at that dinner table.

So, back to George's Grill.

That night There happened to be a couple in the booth next to me....sharing one plate.
A few minutes later, the cook brought them another .no charge.
I decided then and there....that's where I'm spending my dinner money for the rest of the year.

I doubt if Georges Grill is still there...on East 5th Street across from Mercy Hospital.....but if it's the first place I'm going to look for next time I'm in Charlotte.
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I began this story talking about Drew Pearson.  I got to be personal friends with Pearson soon after I came to Washington.  He appeared several times on my local TV show....and was always an excellent guest!

Pearson lived on a "working farm" outside Washington.  He even bagged and sold fertilizer from his farm. He labeled it "Drew Pearson's Fertilier....All COW....No BULL

Getting to know and  "rub elbows" with well known people was a wonderful benefit to my chosen profession.

I never mentioned this,, but every time I talked with mind would wonder back to Sunday Charlotte....and........thoughts of having to go to school tomorrow!