Thursday, March 01, 2018

Ripe Old Age

When the Doc slapped us on the 1936, give or take a year of two....and announced to our parents that  they had a healthy child....who would probably live to a  "ripe old age."

I'm glad he was wrong!

Say what?

Yep.....I'm glad he was wrong...Don't misunderstand....he was "well meaning," but... a "Ripe old age" in 1936 was 50 years.

I assume that anything older than that is"past the expiration date."

And we've been on the "Priced for quick sale" shelf for quite sometime now.

But, by golly (that's the way we used to "cuss".....back in our day)  I hope you will join me in fighting  this "growing old" nonsense...down to the wire!

Beginning today....I am going to make a concentrated effort to RESIST ....and STOP acting OLD!

No longer will I do weird things with my tongue.

Nor, repeat myself....over and over.
Nor talk like Titus Moody.
Never admit that I know who Titus Moody was.
Never use the expression "Back in my day."
Never complain that today's songs.....have no tune.
Never ask your grocer when he's going to start giving out green stamps again.

Etc., etc.....You get the picture.