Thursday, March 08, 2018

"The Storm is Always Worse....

...from the window !"

I don't know where that quote came from....but it's right on target!

I was reminded of it..on my way to the dentist this morning, while hoping that would be the case today.....because from the "window in my mind"...I had conjured up a frightening scenario of what horrors just might occur in that soulless looking building in Tyson's Corner, Virginia in the next hour.

I would not be peering in the window at this event.

I would be sitting in that ugly black chair next to the "spitting bowl" with that white napkin around my neck.

A "filling",,,,is bad enough...but this was for an (Horrors !)  EXTRACTION!

Not ONE....but TWO!

"Oh the humanity'"

He left the room for about 5 minutes....supposedly to allow the Novicain to  take effect.

At least, that's what he said.   I believe it was an act of human decency and allow me time to finally decide whether to STAY......or Jump out the window!

Just before I had made my final decision (I had gotten through "Ennie......and Mineie........"but just before ... "Moe"....Dr. Doom returned ..with pliers in hand....

Flash, Bam, Allakazam!!    Not 15 seconds was over!

He said I'd feel some pain tonight...and I do...but nothing like the pain my mind had scripted...through that "stormy window! drama"  in my head,