Thursday, August 09, 2018

No Way....Jose

Memory problem?

No way, Jose......not me! I didn't remember where I parked my car yesterday at the Mall.  Big deal.

I may not walk as fast as I used to....and find myself making mental notes of where the benches are at the shopping mall....

but.....there's noting wrong with my memory!

Heck, as my Daddy used to say, "Ed, you're strong as an Ox....and almost as smart!"

Nope, I may have my share of "old Man problems".....but "Memory" is  is not one of them.

I remember during WW2....seeing POWs being trucked down East 5th street ...on ttheir way to work on the farms...outside of Charlotte.  I would wave...and they would wave back.

I remember going to the "Ice House" with my Dad on Sunday afternoons when he would run out of cigarettes….(those Ice Houses later morphed into 7-11's,

I remember putting empty milk bottles on the porch for the "milkman" to swap for full bottles of milk.

I remember wax whistles....filled with some kind of sweet lliquid.

I remember a CHS football a class a fouple of years ahead of us...named "Peanut Parker" who ran all over the opposing teams .

I remember how great the CHS bands were and how impressive their halftime shows wre at football games.

I remember one of the last horse drqwn wagons to drive up past my house on the way to "up Town."

No.  I may be "getting up there" age....and had a little difficulty finding my car in the Mall parking lot....the other day....

But memory problems?

No way, Jose!