Friday, February 15, 2019

Everyone Has Them

I suppose....I call them my "Believe it or Not" moments....after the famous Robert Ripley. After my radio and TV career...I spent a couple of years as a salesman...selling film processing services...mainly to government agencies. A big part of my job was entertaining our clients...aka taking them to lunch on a regular basis. Leo, who later became a great friend, was the point man for my largest of the major government agencies. Leo LOVED "Strip Bars." And that's where we wound up every time I took him to lunch. (Oh,what sacrifices I made for that company!) I remember so well the first time I invited him to lunch...and asked him where he'd like to go. He replied, Anywhere there are dancing girls." I told him that was fine with me....but, he'd have to pick the place...because …..I like dancing girls as much as the next guy, but I'Vw worked out of my home for several am not up to speed as to what is happening in downtown DC. So he picked the place , and as we entered...there was already a girl dancing on stage...which we had to go right past to get to our seats. She was totally naked. We passed no more than 3 feet from her as we walked toward our seats....and as we passed by she looked down...and said...."Hello, Mr. Shephard!" "So, you've never been here before, eh?" said my friend. "That's right....I've never been here before. The reason she knows me is because.....she is the daughter of one of my neighbors." "Fast thinking, but I don't believe a word of it." But, it was true! One of my "Believe it of not" moments. -Ed (This story happened many years ago...perhaps 15 or 20. ) -Ed