Sunday, March 17, 2019

Stop Look Listen

Back in the late 60's , when environmentalism was the "big thing"...I was flying back from a business trip...and Ralph Nader, the first environmental "super star" was on the same plane.  I knew him because he had been a guest on my TV show a couple of times.

Sitting beside him was obviously a school teacher....she had no idea who was next to her because she was totally occupied grading papers.
A good guess would have been that they all had something to do  with "environmentalism"....the things around us.....since that was such a hot topic in schools back then.

What a fantastic story she could have told her class the next day!

Instead,  I'll bet she lectured the class on....oh, something like...."We've got to start paying attention to our "environment"...and the things around us...…..because, if we don't ….we only have 10 more years to live.!@

Just a guess.