Friday, April 19, 2019

Clark Gable Never Wore a Beanie

I spent the first semester of my freshman year in college at Furman University in Greenvile South Carolina.

Why Furman?  Because my boss at WGIV, Francis Fitzgerald , a man I greatly admired went there. And I was given a small scholarship.

As a freshman I had to wear a ridiculous little beanie cap with an F on the front, so the upper classmen would know who they could "Haze."

This was college?

After about 3 weeks, my girlfriend from high school came to visit. I tried to play the role and look the part of a sophisticated college man, but it was hard as Hell to do.  How sophisticated can one be...wearing a beanie?

She did her best not to laugh...and she didn't. but I could see in her eyes that she was thinking ......this "romance" thing is not exactly what she thought it would be. After all, there were not any Hollywood movie scenes showing the leading man wearing a beanie.

The only way I could have looked less like a leading man is if the beanie had a propeller on it.
I don't believe I was able to overcome her image of me wearing that beanie. Our romance never flourished after that.