Saturday, April 20, 2019

College Life

In all my four years in college I only lived in a dorm for one semester. Other than those first 3 months or so, I made other arrangements.

The only thing I really liked about my first semester of living in a dorm…….was the Loud music.

Say what?  The loud music?   That must be a typo.

Nope, it's true. the loud music blaring from the room across the hall never failed to  entertain and inspire me. (The reason, he told me, that he turned it up so loud, was so he could
enjoy it while he was in the shower down the hall.

It wasn't "rock and roll"...….because that hadn't been "created" back in 1955. It wasn't "race music" (which was what "rock" was called when it was first invented.) It wasn't even "Pop."

My hallmate was a classical music fan!  And the music was beautiful!

Aa far as I one on our floor ever complained.