Wednesday, April 17, 2019

I Remember

...the coach telling us, in the locker room, before the game....that
" will remember this for the rest of our life..."

And that was true. those games...the practices...the windsprints….in 90 degree summer weather…"cotton mouth".....

Yes, I remember.

And the games....I remember some of those too.

But, the "real" action.....or so I was led to believe. began after the game.

Now, donl't get me wrong, I/m talking about the victory parties, etc.

all riight, maybe a kiss or two from my girlfriend...but that's it.

However, truth be known, that's why I, and just about every other high school male, put up with such physical torture.

The mental picture in my mind...was of an after the game photo of the girlfriend of the her gridiron  hero looking longingly  into his eyes.....just before the  kiss.

But the truth was:

"Don't spend so much time in the locker room talking with your buddies...….we've got to be at the after the game party in 30 minutes."

"Yes Dear."