Wednesday, April 10, 2019

College Days

I still have my  "beanie" that freshmen at Furman were required to wear.

It's a little blue cap with a big F on the front.

The purpose was to let the upper classmen know who they could harass without consequences...for at least a semester.

It was not a fun time for me.  After all, this was college, for crying out loud ...not junior high school.

But it was "tradition"....held over from the 1930's or so.

I chose to go to Furman because my boss at WGIV, Francis Fitzgerald, a man I greatly respected, went there.

During the 3 months or so I was there, I never felt real comfortable.  Too many things just didn''t match my idea of what I thought college should be like.
For one thing, boys and girls were housed...not only in different dorms....but dorms 15 miles apart....on the other side of town.

The girls dorm was called "The Zoo."  That was the OFFICIAL name...not a nickname, but the official name!   (A great injustice however....because some of those South Carolina girls were absolutely  beautiful!)

Our dorm had a "Den Mother."  We were required to be in our rooms by `10pm each night......

This wasn't my idea of "college life."

I transferred the very next semester to UNC.

It wasn't perfect, but it was where I should have been from the very beginning.