Monday, April 08, 2019

"Pow, Pow, Splat..."

"Look, look.
See Dick.  See Jane...….go up the hill."

Now which one of those "stories" do you think 5 year old Eddie Myers couldn't wait to read?

You got that right. "Pow, Pow , Splat" comic books won every time.

What happened after Dick and Jane went up that hill....would have to wait a few years before Eddie and his buddies would give a hoot about that.

As good as our teachers were....they could only lead us in the right direction. To really learn anything, bottom line is......YOU have to teach yourself!

And to do that have to WANT to learn....whatever the particular subject is.

I think if one of our teachers had told me WHY...........I wanted to learn algebra...I would have done much better.