Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Country Club Set

Even those of you who grew with me and my modest family probably never realized that we were members of the "Country Club Set.

Well, at least my father was.

He dropped by "the Club" just about every night after work
 and enjoyed a couple of "shooters" with  the other 4 or 5 members. "Fill 'er up" was their official motto.
And their cocktails were all high test.

The club was on he corner of East 7th and Pecan. You have probably driven by there many times and never realized what it actually was.  That's understandable because the sign outside the establishment reads as if it's a "filling station."

And it WAS…..IF you were a "member."

You could even get gas for your car there too.

It's gone now, at least the country club aspect.

Next time I'm in Charlotte I'm going to go by there and tell them to "Filll er Up"

…..and see what happens.