Wednesday, May 08, 2019

It Seems like just yesterday...

...we were sitting the auditorium listening to our glee club singing "While We Are Young".....
and I was feeling a little guilty because I felt it was a bit too much like "bragging."

...and it was.

But, if you are going to brag.....that's the time to do it.

The next opportunity we'll have will probably be when we're in our late 90s.

Speaking of the CHS auditorium, I'll never forget how uncomfortable I felt for the speaker who had no idea that we had our own peculiar definitions for certain words.

For example..the word Squirrel….you know...the little animal that  is in most of our trees around here.

He was trying to make some kind of point ….by telling the story of a man who went squirrel hunting....So every time the poor guy mentioned the word ..we would snicker.  I even saw a couple of our female teachers trying to contain  their laughter.

The poor man finally finished his speech and left....probably thinking the we were the most insane group of kids he'd ever encountered.