Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Wind Sprints, Two Laps and

"...there goes 50 Dollars."

Words burned into my 17 year old brain.

Words still there after all these years.

Windsprints were a form of torture, usually performed after an hour of vigorous  football practice. We were required to line up and run at full speed for about 20 yards...for 3 or four times...or until we dropped.

:...there goes 50 dollars" was uttered by our formidable principal, Dr. John Otts...when he emerged from his office after hearing a loud bang following the collapse and destruction of a marble bench in the first floor hall....caused by my trying to pull it a few feet to the left in order to hang an election poster.
His words, haunt me to this day,
"There goes 50 dollars."

And he turned and went back into his office.

Never even imagining that ….more than 50 years later...I would remember that like it was yesterday.