Friday, January 17, 2020

Dick and Jane

"Look, .....look....see Jane....see up the hill...."

That was the  the first book I ever read....."Dick and Jane."

After that, I was hooked.

School did their damndest to ruin it for me....which, I realize was not their intention...but nevertheless, their idea of "good reading".....was not mine.

Besides, little Eddie Myers knew that "being told" to do something....was something he didn't want to do."

 My 83 year old eyes have seen better days, but with the aid of glasses...they're still fairly good.

No doubt "Talking books" or something like it is in my future.

What made me think of all this was the recent passing of our friend, Betsy Villas.

I remember her telling the teacher once how many books she had read over the summer....and it was enormous.

Perhaps that helps to explain her "smartness."

Her kindness and caring and sweetness .....well, she was just born with those!

Rest in Peace. Betsy!