Tuesday, January 14, 2020

I'm not a deep thinker.

I tried it once, and it gave me an awful headache.

Heaven wired me to be AVERAGE.

Which I think is pretty damm good. I'm very happy with it.

As I look back, I was a lucky man indeed.

I never had a job I didn't like!

(Check that, I had a couple, but I never stayed long._)

I've got A GREAT wife , 3 wonderful kids....5 grandkids....(talk about "blessed"...my picture should be beside that word in the dictionary!)

Like all of us, I'd like to be remembered fondly.

That's why we did such things as scratch our initials on the school desks…..and things like that.

Once when they were paving the street in front of my house, I formed my initials with some rocks...which stayed there for years.

But, I know my expiration date, as will yours,  will arrive in a few short years no matter what we do.

However, the good news is.....that only applies to THIS world.