Thursday, January 16, 2020

Meanwhile... at the "ranch".....looking.....and feeling....just like Howard Hughes
Who needs money....when you can think about yourself like that?

Now, if I can stay away from mirrors, and avoid the mailbox (which , as always is full of bills, for awhile longer)

Yep, just like Howard, I'm sitting here in my robe, looking "cool" as all get out...with all those young "chippipoos" surrounding me (in my mind)...LIFE IS GOOD!

Whoops,  I just noticed that I accidentally put on one black slipper and one brown slipper.

No poroblem, if any of my kids, who are coming over later, happen to notice, I will  tell them I did it on the wealthy man I once read about who always wore one black shoe and one brown remind himself, and others, of his childhood poverty.

You've got to be wealthy to do something like that.  Otherwise people will just think you're nuts.