Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Speaking of Names...

….Like all of us, I believe, whenever our name is mentioned in conversation, we hope that it's talked about  in a positive way.
I certainly hope that is the case whenever my name is brought up.
But because of the profession I chose, radio and TV, I acquired a "showbiz name"...because another broadcaster already was using the name Ed Myers.  (Actually Ed Myer....but that was close enough_

So, to advance my career and get the job in Washington, I had to use another name....hence "Lee Shephard."  A totally made up name.  It's caused a lot of problems, none major, just much confusion that I had to spend time addressing.

I finally addressed the problem by simply changing my legal name to Lee Shephard.
That didn't solve it completely,  but it helped.

I've always had this fantasy  of old friends sitting around talking about me in a positive way...."Whatever happened to old Ed Myers...…..etc., etc."

Some will know about my name change, due to another "Ed Myer"...on the air here in Washington.
but others will simply conclude that I disappeared.

I never became a "big success" but I had my moments.

And, like Kilroy.....I'm still here!