Saturday, February 15, 2020


My cousin, Charles Mateer,  who died in 1961, was a class mate of ours.
You may not remember him because he was very soft spoken and quiet.

But smart as a whip!

He chose to make the Army a career...and became an excellent helicopter pilot.

Our mothers were as close as two sisters can be.  I remember once Charles" mother talking to my mother about "having trouble sleeping....because of nightmares."  She said they always "involved a man coming to her door with horrible news...."

My mother advised her to eat a large lunch and "go light" on supper.

Charles and I  grew up, of course, during WW2 and our games as children were almost always "soldiers."

Charles actually became one after college and I continued working in broadcasting.

Although he went to State and I attended Carolina, we remained in almost constant touch.
He chose a military career and, of course, I chose broadcasting.
In the early 60's we both found ourselves in Washington, DC.

We got together a few times up here, and each time found ourselves reminiscing about our days as children during WW2...and our constant games of playing soldier.

He asked me once if I remembered WHY we ever stopped "playing" soldier.
"Because," I said..."it suddenly dawned on me that soldiers can get killed.

That ruined the game for me."

We both laughed...…...and went our separate ways.

That's the last time I saw Charles.

Shortly afterwards, there was a knock on Charles' mother's door.......