Saturday, February 08, 2020

They Say....

…"a man is getting old when he feels like he needs to wear a hat."

I found that to be exactly far as I was concerned.

But, sitting here in inside my "office...which my wife calls the basement....I feel the need to put on a hat, or at least a cap.  I suppose that means simply that I'm getting even older....which, of course, is true.
When we were growing up, men almost always wore hats outside....even in the summertime....they wore "straw" ones then.

I think our generation was the first to shun the wearing of hats....perhaps led by JFK....who almost never wore one. (JFK's driver told me once
that the President would ask to borrow his hat when he occasionally would  drop into a church..)
I'm not sure if the old style "hat" will ever come back into style...and I hope it doesn't.
Caps work just fine for me.