Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Ice Box

I still call it that.

Because rhat's exactly what it was.
I can remember seeing the "ice man" coming to our house carrying a big bock of ice with his "tongs"....and depositing it in our "ice box" inside our kitchen.

I remember sometimes on a Sunday afternoon, or so, when we'd run short of ice, I'd ride with my Dad to the "Ice House" somewhere across town to pick up another "block."  My Dad wouold also pick up a pack of cigarettes and perhaps a candy bar for my sister and me.

I'm speaking now of the 1940's.

Those "ice houses" were the first "7-11"s.

They were the only place, at least that I knew of, that you could purchase "wax whistles."

I don't remember what the official name of those things was....but it was a whistle that after you got tired of whistling….you could eat it.

I don't know why we allowed that technology to lapse....because that would certainly solve our "littter" prolkem.

Imagine if only someone had invented "edible" beer cans....etc.